Our Aim

We want to turn Roulette, a game of supposed chance into a profitable pastime that generates an income from your leisure time – EQuilette will do that for you.

The Game

Roulette is probably the best known online casino game, a game that is all about odds and statistics. EQuilette will ensure that the odds are no longer in favour of the Casino but very firmly in favour of you.


Casinos make their profit by means of what is known as the ‘house edge’, which is simply the percentage figure that says they are more likely to win than you. EQuilette takes that ‘edge’ away from the house and puts it fully into your hands.

Have you ever played games online?

Would you benefit from an additional form of income? If your answer to these questions is yes then EQuilette is for you. EQuilette will enable you to convert a relaxing leisure activity into a very profitable relaxing leisure activity!

You probably have a couple of questions in your head at this moment:


EQuilette works by using mathematical logic and computer generated algorithms to anticipate the general probability of the next result on an online roulette wheel. We can only predict certain elements (red/black/odd/even etc) and we don’t always get it exactly right, but a carefully structured wagering plan ensures that even when we don’t get it right you still win. The only spin result that isn’t an EQuilette winner is a zero (or double zero on an American wheel) and even that doesn’t lose it just doesn’t win!! So the EQuilette promise is – EVERY SPIN A WIN! – you will make a profit every spin (apart from zero). DOES IT WORK?- YES IT DOES!! When you join EQuilette, along with the application you also receive our Growth plan . We have produced this plan to give you a step by step guide to becoming wealthy. It doesn’t matter how many hours you choose to ‘work’ each day with EQuilette (our plans uses 3 hours a day for 5 days a week but the time you spend is entirely your choice), if you use the guidelines you WILL be looking at developing an extra income of four figures every week! WILL IT WORK FOR ME? – YES IT MOST DEFINITELY WILL!!