EQuilette is a computerised gaming plan produced by Equus Lucrer Ltd, a company founded in 2013 by two Cheshire entrepreneurs, Kevin Doherty and David Waterhouse. Their purpose in creating the company was simple – to tip the odds of popular recreational types of gambling in favour of the general public using simple, legal, computer controlled algorithms.

They analysed many games, looking for patterns, researching the inventors (See History of Roulette) and investigating other so called ‘systems’ out there in the marketplace today.

EQuilette has been created after many hundreds of hours of research and analysis coupled with even more hours of testing on many different online Roulette wheels. All the above effort has now made available to you a simple software programme, carefully designed to be user friendly, which will enable you to win at online roulette anywhere in the world.

If you enjoy online gaming but would prefer to have fun and make money at the same time then EQuilette is for you. If you have tried every other system and failed, you will not fail with EQuilette.

The only result that won’t make you money is a zero – but it won’t lose you any either!!

If you have any unanswered questions please go to our FAQ section where we are sure that you will find the answer you need. If your query should still be unresolved please Raise A Ticket Enquiry and Kevin or David will get back to your with the answer as quickly as they can.

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EQuilette – is a product of Equus Lucrer Ltd. A company registered in England & Wales No: 10449854 VAT No: GB255 2541 14. EQuilette is a trading name of Equus Lucrer Ltd.