Q) I have never used an online casino site – can I still use EQuilette?

A) You don’t need to be an experienced ‘gambler’ to use EQuilette. Each casino has its own customer support desk – some via telephone and some using online live chat – so if you are unsure how to place bets on an online roulette wheel get help from them.

If you require any help in using EQuilette Contact Us or see the question below “Do I get Support?”

Q) Do I get any support?

A) You play by yourself but with EQuilette you are never alone. You get more than just a winning strategy, you get unlimited personal support including email, phone, help desk (ticket system) and skype contact-ability. Join Us and together we will create financial freedom for you and your loved ones – one spin at a time!

Q) How much time will it take?

A) When you join us you receive the EQuilette programme for your personal use. Once you have logged into the programme you are primed and ready. Log into your casino of choice and place the bets as advised by EQuilette. Then just wait for the result. This can take from 10 to 30 seconds dependant on the casino you are using. Once you have a result (a win unless it’s a zero) you simply enter that result into the box on your EQuilette programme, push the ‘submit’ button and your next bet will be shown in boxes A and B. The time taken for this process is totally dependant on the speed of the roulette wheel you are using, but in testing we generally place well in excess of 100 bets per hour. An added bonus to you from EQuilette; you can stop anytime you want. Start, bet for 10 minutes, stop, go and have a coffee, then start again from where you stopped; there is not need to work continuously for 3, 2 or even 1 hour. That’s the magic of EQuilette, you can fit it very simply into your existing daily life. Join Us now.

Q) Can you show me the system actually working?

A) To do that would require several hours of wheel spinning, which, given the low cost of the system would not be a viable proposition.

Besides the best person to prove to you that it works for you is – YOU!

The best proof of the pudding they say is in the eating, so Join Us and get the system then you will see it working for you hour after hour day after day – Every Spin a Win!! Join Us now

Q) How much will I win?

A) Our aim at EQuilette is not to go for that one big win, the high risk gamble. We do not want to (nor do we want you to) break the bank; If we break the bank then the bank is broken and if anything is broken it doesn’t work properly any more. We are thinking more long term, we want to work alongside the bank, within the system so to speak. This gives EQuilette a longevity, we co-exist with the casinos, taking enough but not too much, some but not all. You can make a little or a lot using EQuilette; it all depends on the time you want to spend. If you are achieving 100 plus wins per hour and betting units of £1 you will be earning over £100 per hour; if only 50 wins per hour and betting 50p units you will be earning £25 per hour. The choice of what you earn is very firmly in your control. Join Us now

Q) How do I know this isn’t a scam?

A) In our research we have come across a number of ’systems’ but most of them want you to join for an entire year at costs varying between hundreds and even thousands of pounds.

Here at EQuilette we ask you to commit to us for 28 days at a time for less than £100. We are not connected to any casino and so don’t ‘tie you down’ leaving you free to use any casino of your choice. If we are trying to scam you, we aren’t very good at it, are we?

Q) How many thousands of £’s do I need to invest to make it work?

A) You don’t need thousands.

Set-up fee is £99 GBP which also covers first 28 days. After that it is

£99 every 4 weeks to continue your operating licence.

You do not need to worry about reminders as the application tells you the subscription dates.

You can also make a payment at anytime to extend your subscription.

If you follow our Growth Plan then £85 is the minimum amount we recommend you fund your Casino account with. You should play demo for a few days to get used to the application and betting amounts. Only once you are happy should you switch to Live Real Money Play.

Once you have seen the potential of the App you can keep playing and grow or deposit ‘more than the minimum’ and start making real money quicker.

Q) Can you guarantee I will make £xx per day/week/month?

A) The short answer is NO we can’t. Other than our application, we have no control over the casino, your balance, your abilities, the time you spend etc. We have tested our app on many casino’s, but there are over

400+ in Europe alone, many more if you include Asia Pacific. Some

casino’s have restrictions in place on deposit amounts, betting amounts, table limits, etc. Which is why we recommend you run demo accounts initially.

Also if you try and cheat our app by having float of £100 and telling the app your float is £1,000, you will soon lose your money. The app has been written with specific logic around working float and bet amounts for your own safety, 2 years of running this has taught us to be cautious.

Q) I know how your app works it is just Martingale isn’t it?

A) We can assure you, you DO NOT know how the app works! Yes, it uses Martingale betting strategy, but the spin logic is not just double up and hope for the best there are specific things that happen at specific times based on the previous spin results.

The important thing to remember is patience; slow and steady growth is what this is about, not betting £5,000 on Red36 and hoping for 36/1 payout! If you can earn £thousands “TAX FREE” for a few hours work at home for a fee of £99 month, why would you NOT follow the EQuilette plan?

Q) I run a Website/Forum/Blog/YouTube Channel/Facebook Group/etc. Can I do a recommendation and get paid for it?

A) This is a tricky one. Are paid recommendations worth anything? What is your user base? Of course we would love you to do a blog post/video blog/etc. of our product, but it has to be REAL and unbiased to mean anything. We are prepared to give you a months free trial so you can write a post, but will not pay money directly. If you have an E-Mail user-list that you could send content to, then we could look at additional months credit and/or referral system for the users you send who sign up. Please Contact Us to discuss options.

Q) Are you going to oversell this app?

A) No, we are actually going to restrict membership to a pre-decided level in order to keep the integrity of EQuilette intact. We are not here to just ‘grab the money and run’. We designed EQuilette to make it possible for anyone who wanted to improve their financial situation, whether by a little or by a lot, to generate an appreciable, sustainable by utilising our app while playing online Roulette. So if you want to be counted among that number Join Us now